Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen 1:1 Tiny Closet Coaching Series

Nurys Invoice Graphic.png
Nurys Invoice Graphic.png

Nurys Harrigan-Pedersen 1:1 Tiny Closet Coaching Series

  • 50% deposit on 1:1 Tiny Closet Coaching Series ($2500 total)

  • Balance due upon completion of service, or on 6.17.2018 (which ever comes first)

3 sessions, broken up over 30 days:

1: Ruthless Wardrobe Edit (up to 6 hours, in client’s home) 

  • Closet minimization

  • Identify wardrobe gaps

  • Manage donations and resale if applicable

2: Closet Merchandising, Style Self Discovery + Shopping List (up to 4 hours, in client’s home)

  • Merchandise, organize closet

  • Personal Style Self Discovery

    • Identify style archetypes

    • Lifestyle matrix

    • Determine neutral and accent palette

  • Collaborate on shopping list for wardrobe gaps

3: Personal Shopping, Outfit formulas, Craft the Capsule

  • Personal shopping based on personal style self discovery and budget (up to 6 hours, off site)

  • Fitting in client’s home

  • Create seasonal, monthly or travel capsule and outfit formulas using new and existing clothes (up to 4 hours, combined with fitting)

  • Tailoring and returns

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