MappCraft: 14 Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge

5 Second Survey

  • Do you feel guilt, frustration and helplessness every time you open your closet?
  • Are your clothes packed so tightly that you can't sort them? 
  • Do you own multiple items that  bare the original sales tag?
  • Do your clothes span three or more sizes?
  • Despite owning ample clothing does it take you longer than necessary to get dressed because you can't find anything you want to wear?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions,


But guess what? THAT'S AWESOME. Why? Because the universe sent you here so I could help you purge that hateful closet and change your life forever. One of my fashion fairy godmother super powers is telepathy. I sense that you are overwhelmed by my closet clearing claims and have no idea where to start. I understand. 

The first step is for you to join me for the MappCraft 14 Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge. This super simple exercise will prepare you for the apparel purge that will ultimately change your life and cement your personal style. 

  1. Download and print the MappCraft 14 Day Capsule Wardrobe Challenge
  2. Each morning for the next two weeks record what you wore and why -- don't overthink it, just choose the items you naturally gravitate towards and write a few words about why you like those items (ie: fit, color, texture, weather)
  3. At the end of the two weeks we will review your choices and use that info to identify the items in your closet that bring you joy and what items are purge contenders

Summer 2016 is coming. Let's do this.