Personal Styling and Capsule Wardrobe Services

MappCraft | Tiny Closet, Tons of Style® voted Best Service to Pare Down Your Clothes by Washingtonian Magazine, June 2017

Tiny Closet Seasonal Capsule Coaching

3 Hour Tiny Closet Coaching 

  • Evaluate closet and wardrobe
  • Identify "closet fat" and wardrobe gaps, advise on reduction strategy
  • Curated seasonal micro capsule (30-35 functional, versatile garments and accessories pulled from client's existing closet) 
  • Outfit formulas and styling session
  • Free copy of Tiny Closet Survival Guide Capsule Wardrobe e-book
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Personal Style Mapp

Curated, customized capsule blueprint based on your specific: 

  • Body type
  • Lifestyle 
  • Style Archetypes and influences
  • Neutral and accent palettes
  • Prints and textures
  • Signature items
  • Accessories

Additionally, the Personal Style Mapp includes:

  • (4-6) 4 step outfit formulas for every occasion (dictated by your unique lifestyle)
  • Shopping guide and resources


  • $500 for Personal Style Mapp document
  • $100 hour for shopping and additional outfit consultation
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Ruthless Wardrobe Edit
from 1,000.00
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Branding and Marketing Consultation
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Branding and Marketing Services

Before launching, I spent 15 years as the Brand Manager of Cibu for Hair, a role which taught me everything I know about taking an idea from concept to market and driving consistent year over year sales growth. 

In March 2015 I was inspired to launch this blog. My brand management experience informed the development of the MappCraft | Tiny Closet, Tons of Style® brand identity, including logo, tagline, copy and brand standards. I used those standards to design this website. Today, I write all the content, style and provide creative direction on every photograph and design all the blog assets using a free web service that you don't need to be a graphic designer to master.

Since launching in 2015, now boasts + 1,434.8% YoY (Unique Visitors); + 1,063.1% YoY (Visits); + 868.7% YoY (Page Views).

So, what can I do for your passion project? Depends...

Do you want to launch a business? I will guide the development of:

  • Brand identity
  • Brand story
  • Logo design
  • Palette and fonts
  • Naming
  • Tag lines
  • Visual strategy
  • Website development
  • Content marketing and social media strategy

Want to to launch a blog? 

  • All of the above PLUS I will teach you how to:
  • Create visually engaging blog assets
  • Monetize your site via affiliate programs 
  • Install AdSense
  • Build an e-mail list and create newsletters
  • Optimize Pinterest for site traffic
  • Optimize Facebook Groups for rich community building and engagement
  • Create digital products and e-books


  • Free consultation
  • $100 hr + incremental costs