This Is My Party Hair

Between now and New Years, you are going to a party. Unless you are a parent to toddlers, like me, in which case you’ll be watching other people party on TV.  Whether you’re reveling with boys and bubbly or heckling Seacrest from your couch (praying the kids stay asleep) – NYE is more fun with cute hair. Here's how I created a super cute flapper flavor bob with steam rollers:

1.     Set up and plug in steam rollers -- I use Caruso Molecular Steam Hair Setter

2.     Rake a double serving of Cibu Shang High Mousse through damp hair

3.     Blow hair 100% dry

4.     Set hair in rollers and let sit for 20 minutes

5.     Take out rollers and use fingers or a wide tooth comb to separate curls

6.     Scrunch and spray. Scrunch and spray. Scrunch and spray some more

7.     Set look with more Cibu FINISTA Workable Finishing Spray (coming soon)

8.     PARTAYYYYY like its 2016

9.  Send me a selfie