Managing Expectations: S16 Outfit #1

The messy intersection between my aspirations and my reality    Photo Credit: Erin Nicole Graf

The messy intersection between my aspirations and my reality

Photo Credit: Erin Nicole Graf

I sprinted into 2016 with great resolve to evolve into a revenue generating, traffic record breaking, content-driven juggernaut of a minimalist fashion blog.  


Drunk on Chalene Johnston, I applied for affiliate programs, installed AdSense and researched passive income.  I set lofty social reach and traffic goals. For ten mornings straight, I live broadcasted my 14 Day MINIMALista LYLC outfit selection on Periscope before abandoning that strategy for fear someone would express concern over my parenting skills.

I created Twitter @MappCraft, bulk uploaded tweets via HootSuite, launched a MappCraft Facebook page and filled a notebook with hundreds of blog ideas. I took daily outfit selfies, edited my Spring 2016 capsule wardrobe, auditioned for QVC, published content, co-hosted celebrations for an engaged sister and two dear pregnant friends, executed sub par household management, distracted parenting, husband nagging, regular yoga, and did this – most importantly - after the Cibu day was done.

Progress was made but I was not satisfied. Real talk? I felt isolated in my own head. Like I was doing everything and accomplishing nothing.  I was practically depressed and definitely exhausted under the weight of my own expectations.

In early March I granted myself permission to dial it back and spent a few weeks contemplating how I could maintain a quality blog and personal brand without compromising my myriad of equal or greater responsibilities.

This is what I came up with: I will update each season with an overview of each of the 37.5 garments in my CAPSULE WARDROBE plus an accompanying ACCESSORY EDIT. The MINIMALista tab will offer resources and downloadable worksheets (eventually) to guide you towards adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. Finally, the OOTD tab will feature bi-weekly outfit of the day posts and my signature semi-fashion related ramblings. 

Lastly, I must thank Amanda Lockwood and Erin Graf for their help in making this site a reality. Amanda volunteered her time and talents in developing my logo and brand identity. She also photographed all of my Spring 2016 Capsule Wardrobe garments and banner images. Amanda is a super talented designer and photographer. Learn more about her work here.

The Annie Leibovitz quality family picture above is by Erin Nicole Brown (Graf).  In additional to beautifully capturing my family several times, Erin is a friend and she snapped all of my upcoming Spring 2016 OOTD looks - a vast improvement over driveway selfies. If you are in the market for portraits, Erin is immensely talented and amazing with kids - even mine!

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