How To Craft A Bra Capsule

that moment you finally find the right bra...

that moment you finally find the right bra...

A Trip Down Mammary Lane

Considering the effort required to curate a seasonal wardrobe, you'd think I'd also boast a tightly edited collection of impeccably fitting undergarments.

Nope. Wrong. Not even close. 

Girl, when it comes to bras, I am clueless AF.

My excuse? Until I grew two humans my boobs were easily contained. AKA: Small. I literally did not think twice about bras. Thanks to a pre-childbirth metabolism, unlimited Body Pump and an abject lack of lactation, my 2006-2009 bra wardrobe looked a lot like this:

Stick With Me

In 2009, I discovered the NuBra - an adhesive bra with no straps or back - and the bralettes got the boot. Save for an occasional mid-summer slippery nip situation, I thought I was sold for life on the wardrobe-altering versatility of my beloved sticky bras.

And Then Babies Happened...

Pregnancy rendered my mammaries unmanageable. Sticky bras? They couldn't even cover the, um, assets. My husband went from impressed to intimidated as I swelled from a petite A to a blouse busting DD in a matter of weeks. I didn't think I could get any bustier until nursing pushed the girls into milky, uncharted waters. 

My cleavage was out of control. 

Those are real.

Those are real.

Now, one full year post-breast feeding, here I am fully deflated, and my bra collection consists of two ill-fitting Gap Body numbers  I purchased during pregnancy. They are too big, they aren't cute and they don't flatter my frame. They are bad bras. 

how to craft a bra capsule.jpg

I know what you are thinking: "Why can't you just go out and buy a bra that fits, woman?"

Are you serious? You were actually thinking that? Dude! It's impossible to go to the mall with toddlers! I don't have time! I am tired! I only shop online and a good bra requires a proper fitting and I can't do that on my computer.

Or can I?

My Peach Bra-HA Moment

As if she read my mind (or noticed from blog pics that I needed a new bra), Peach stylist Jenn Lorch contacted me with an offer to try the innovative social commerce solution to a problem as old as womanhood itself - finding a bra that fits.

Peach doesn't just sell bras - Peach designs bras using thousands of data points from real women. Your personal stylist (Jenn) assists you (on your time!) with measurements and then plugs them into the Peach Breast-O-Matic measurement machine. Seriously! Peach analyzes your measurements using a data matching algorithm (similar to Netflix and Stitch Fix) that compares your size profile to thousands of other women and then spits out three size options pretty much guaranteed to include your most accurate fit. 

if you've got a bra-blem peach can solve it

if you've got a bra-blem peach can solve it

For this harried, time strapped working mom sorely in need of a decent boulder holder, the process couldn't have been easier. I told Jenn my availability (9PM on a Monday after bedtime) and dug out a soft measuring tape.

Via FaceTime, Jenn walked me through Peach's proprietary 10 dimension measurement process. She recorded my information and entered it into their database (Breast-O-Matic!) and together we selected 3 bra styles specific to my lifestyle and needs. I didn't even have to leave my boudoir!

During our call Jenn schooled me on the 4 reasons why my bra didn't actually fit. Read about it here.

My Peach package arrived a few days later. I tried on every size of every style bra and what do ya know? Each style had a size option that fit perfectly. Score!

how to build a bra capsule

I put the sizes I didn't choose back in the box and sent it back to Bean Town (Peach is based in Boston) using the included pre-paid shipping label.

I immediately threw away my bad bras, bad bralettes and sticky icky nightmares. Ahhhh....

Bra Capsule Crafted!

When Jenn followed up a few days later, I mentioned I never -- ever -- wanted to take off my Natori Feathers bra (far right). Jenn informed me that I'd better because:

...bras act like a muscle and if you wear them several days at a time they stretch out.
— Jenn Lorch, Peach Personal Stylist

I told you Jenn was smart. Generous, too! In fact, if you schedule a Peach fitting with Jenn, she will throw in a free pair of panties with your first order. Just mention you read about Peach on MappCraft!

Email Jenn today! or contact her here.

The Wrong Bra Makes You Look 10lbs Heavier

It must be stated that I was gifted the bras featured in this post. I was so impressed that I went ahead and signed up to pay for 6 month replenishments and I purchased an additional strapless bra to round out my capsule.

I can't speak highly enough about my Peach experience. It solved my bra problems -- forever. I will never attempt to buy a mall bra again. Peach's product construction and design quality is exceptional and I really do look 10 lbs lighter in my new bras that actually fit. 

If you enjoyed this walk down mammary lane, please click the heart below. And for real - try Peach!