Fall 2017 Capsule Mood Board: Minimalist

MappCraft | Fall 2017 Minimalist Mood Board

MappCraft | Fall 2017 Minimalist Mood Board

Put It On Mute

Maybe it's my frantic pace or the side effect of life with small children, but all the sudden I am vibing on a look devoid of adornment. Looking back on 2017, the outfits I've felt most fresh wearing (and the outfits that earned the highest engagement) have been incredibly minimal - minimal color, minimal detail, minimal styling. 

Because personal style is about experimentation (and creativity is born of limited resources) starting in September, I will attempt my first 100% neutral capsule. I may add minimal color via very minimal accessories but my actual clothes will only be shades of Black/Grey/Nude/Navy/Denim. I've dubbed my Fall 2017 capsule "Minimalist Ath-Classic" and I can't wait to rock the 'ish out of an impeccably tailored pant suit and sneakers. 

Don't worry, I won't forgo accessorizing or color pops forever - my muted early Fall 2017 palette will revert to full color mode come November 15 - just in time to get #FestiveAF for the 2017 Tiny Closet Holiday Survival Guide. 

Can I actually go two and a half months without my orange Hermes Collier de Chien cuff or magenta and purple print silk scarves? Only time will tell. Until then, tell me how you're vibing on this very muted Minimalist Ath-Classic Fall 2017 mood board. 

Fall 2017 Capsule Wardrobe Mood Board

MappCraft | Fall 2017 Minimalist Mood Board

MappCraft | Fall 2017 Minimalist Mood Board

Minimalist Ath-Classic Shopping List

Your Turn!

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