10 Reasons Your Mom Deserves a Mother's Day Time Out

CLICK TO WATCH as Mommy, blogger and business woman, Jenn, gives us a peak into #MomLife and how she unwinds from it all at Bubbles Salons. Plus, take advantage of our special gift card offer just in time for Mother's Day!

This is #MOMLIFE

Hi. I'm Jenn. I am a working mom, wife, the brand manager for Bubbles Hair Salon's exclusive haircare line Cibu and a capsule wardrobe fashion blogger.

Even though I make hair products for a living and write about fashion, my life is far from glamourous.

Once upon a time I was a sassy, well-rested career gal with a convertible and no cares in the world. Today my house is a mess, the laundry never ends and I spend hours a day barking at my children to stop barking at each other.

I guarantee your mom can relate. I also know she works too dang hard to look like a hot mess. So, as you brainstorm this year's Mother's Day gift, consider these 10 reasons why she might appreciate a little peace and quiet and a fresh new hair do.

10 Reasons Why Mom Deserves a Time Out

Reason # 1 : Carpool Karaoke

Reason # 1 : Carpool Karaoke

Reason #10: Carpool Karaoke

Sure, it's #hillar when that British dude sings acapella with Bruno Mars, but in real life your mom is lucky to feel "Happy" enough to sing along to the Displaceable Me 2 soundtrack on backseat repeat.

Reason #9: Yogurt

Good for calcium, they say. Active enzymes, they say. "I don't like yogurt!" you say. Your mom says if nobody ever eats it why is it smeared on both sides of every cushion of my once pristine Crate and Barrel Petrie sofa.

Reason #8: The Rising Cost of Daycare

For the same monthly price of a matching set of his and her 2017 Range Rover Sports, your mom and dad can afford double daycare in the Washington DC metro region.

Reason #7: Unrealistic Expectations Set by YouTube Kids

No, your mom cannot make you a mega-size surprise egg stuffed with Minecraft and Shopkins blind bags and covered in a Play Doh shell crafted in the likeness of Olaf.

Reason #6: The Bathroom Audience

There was once a time when your mom could use the bathroom alone. Those days are over. Props to your mom for teaching you to fetch some toilet paper.

Reason #5: Spilled Everything

Reason #5: Spilled Everything

Reason #5: Spilled Milk, Orange Juice, Wine and Cashews

Your mom asked you 10 times not to drop that box of chocolate milk. Your mom should know better.

Reason #4: Waking Up at 7AM... Forever

Before your mom had children she had a nightlife. When she finally went to bed she slept it off.  Now she wakes up when you do and knows that no open bar or headlining DJ is worth that type of torture.

Reason #3: Laundry Day

Reason #3: Laundry Day

Reason #3: Laundry Day

Have you ever watched the movie Ground Hog's Day with Bill Murray when he is forced to repeat the same day for the rest of his life? Your mom calls that movie Laundry Day. She never wants to see it again.

Reason #2: Prize Fighters

The only reason you kids get a tiny pass on the never ended screaming match over nothing is because your mom knows how much she fought with her own sisters. All the time. Over nothing. With no concern for her dear parents' ears. Now she also knows that karma is a bitch.

Reason #1: That New Hair Feeling

Reason #1: That New Hair Feeling

Reason #1: That New Hair Feeling

Under your mom's tired eyes and sparkly grey regrowth, there's a pretty lady begging for a fresh new hair do and that amazing feeling she gets walking out of the salon.

I guarantee if you give her a beauty time out for Mother's Day, she'll be a lot nicer when she finds what you hid behind the couch.

This Mother's Day, give your Mom a well deserved time out and a dose of that amazing fresh new hair feeling with a gift card for a service at your local Bubbles Hair Salon. Plus, every gift card purchase of a $50 or more earns a $10 bounce back for you (psss... you should use it try out some Cibu. Just saying.).

Behind the Scenes at the Bubbles Mother's Day Shoot

Sure the finished images look great, but pulling off a photo shoot with a 2 year old model is no easy task... Check out my guest blog for Bubbles Hair Salons: 10 Reasons Your Mom Deserves a Mother's Day Time Out: http://www.mappcraft.com/jenn-mapp-bressan-ootd/mothersdaytimeout

5 Tips for Landing an Epic Gift

Photo Credit: Erin Nicole Graf  

Photo Credit: Erin Nicole Graf  


An effective capsule closet, one that guarantees out-the-door outfit solutions that make you feel fantastic every day, is hinged on a solid wardrobe core. Expertly crafted accessories and signature jewelry strengthen this core considerably.

Sartorial objects d’art do not come often, nor do they come cheap. Such investments must be plotted, planned and timed impeccably – which brings me to Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is a critical wardrobe core strengthening opportunity. I will not let you blow this.

Here is my well-oiled, time-tested strategy to ensure that you end the first Sunday in May with a prize befitting your child bearing, sleep deprived, patience torn, sacrificial breast and belly exquisiteness.

Like, right after tax day. 

Like, right after tax day. 

1.     Start Early

If you are embarking on this process today – we may be too late.  Men are not trained to read brains. It is your responsibility to approach this mission with thoughtful consideration to what you want and how to get it. I'd advise spending the three weeks leading up to Mother’s Day researching by day and – ahem – wifing by night.  

Additionally, volunteer back rubs, ask him if he lost weight, and exclaim, “you’re so smart!” at least once.

Toddlers work best. 

Toddlers work best. 

2.     Recruit Support

Toddlers are awesome at telling people things you told them not to repeat. Work this in your favor. First, emphatically make your toddler promise not to tell Daddy about that time in Target when the check out boy told Mommy that she was the prettiest Mommy he’d ever seen. Now wait one week and show toddler a picture of your prize.  Say “Isn’t that pretty for Mommy?” Make toddler promise not to show the picture to Daddy or tell Daddy how much Mommy wants the prize for Mother’s Day. When toddler asks why, tell toddler you are sad because the prize is so expensive. Try to fake cry a little.

Size 37.5; 100mm heel; nude patent leather Christian Louboutin Demi You pump, specifically. 

Size 37.5; 100mm heel; nude patent leather Christian Louboutin Demi You pump, specifically. 


3.     Be Very, Very Specific

Now that we've laid the groundwork it's time to clarify exactly what we want for our Mother's Day prize. Print out a picture and information about your prize and tape it to the refrigerator. Circle the prize in red. Specify size, color, retailer and shipping deadline. No need to be clear on price.

If you have a husband who insists on selecting his own gifts, present him with three options. Include the prize you want and two lovely but more expensive ideas. 

If he can afford it chances are you can, too.  

If he can afford it chances are you can, too.  


4.     Have a Back Up Plan

Let’s pretend it’s May 8. You put in the wife work, planted hints and provided impeccable purchase instructions. Surprise! Daddy bought Mommy a sunflower sweater and wind chimes.

Momma, promise me you’ll buy that beautiful prize for your damn self. You have my permission. You earned it and your capsule wardrobe will thank you.

Whatever you do, don't tell Matt I want these gifts. They are just too much.


Happy Mother’s Day! Hope you get something pretty.

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Xoxo ❤️ Jenn