The Capsule Wardrobe Caveat No One Wants to Talk About (and 6 Reasons to Ignore It)

Photo credits: Erin Nicole Graf  

Photo credits: Erin Nicole Graf  

When I attempt to explain the concept for this blog - capsule wardrobing - I am met with equal parts intrigue and skepticism. Many assume I made this decision to either save money or save the planet. While both of those are noble considerations, neither was the driving force.

I started this journey when confronted with a storage issue. Research for organizational solutions unearthed Project 333 and - two undisputed pioneer women of the capsule wardrobe movement. After eagerly devouring their resources it was very clear that my problem wasn't storage, it was inconspicuous consumption. I also realized I was sick of being held captive by my closet. A year in, the process has improved my life in a myriad of ways. 

Top 6 Benefits of a Capsule Wardrobe


1 scarf, 1000 ways

1 scarf, 1000 ways

  1. Efficiency - As you grow in years and responsibility the time money continuum becomes painfully apparent. The mornings when I had an hour to try on various outfits are over. Now that my closet only contains garments that complement me and each other, no time is wasted getting dressed. 
  2. Cost savings - I do not buy disposable (read: cheap) clothes. This was true even before I committed to capsule wardrobing. Now that I only shop once a season, the money I thoughtlessly spent throughout the year is spent intentionally during a finite window, thus saving money on (expensive) items I didn't actually need or many times even wear. 
  3. Mindfulness - Capsuling saves money on clothes because you curb impulse shopping. Nice, right? It gets better. The very act of acting intentionally conditions your brain towards mindfulness, which in time can curb impulsivity in other areas of your life. My impulses include Pinot Noir, snapping at my husband and impatient parenting. Keep in mind, mindfulness is a skill. When I master it, I'll text you. Any day now.
  4. Creativity - As Steve Jobs aptly said: "Creativity is just connecting things." Inspired results come from the imaginative use of limited resources. When you've curated a wardrobe that works like a puzzle, every piece clicks together to paint a new stylish story daily. Plus you feel like a boss for working the ish out of your closet. 
  5. Confidence - If I leave the house in ill fitting clothes I am acutely aware of it ALL. DAY. LONG. I can't relax or concentrate or even listen to you. It's a problem. I have gone home in the middle of a work day to change out of bad outfits. Who has time for such pathos? Not me (See #1). Now I leave my house confident that every outfit slays and I can get back to obsessing over something productive.
  6. Control -  As a younger adult I was totally laid back. Chill #AF, if you will. But sometime between my career trajectory and raising small children I became a basket case when faced with elements out of my control (like small children). At my breaking point, my wardrobe was one of those elements. Today, when everything else is chaos, I find tremendous peace in my closet, the one corner of my world under my complete and relentless control.

The Critical Caveat No One Wants to Talk About

Now that we've had the good vibe tribe chat about all the wonderful, life changing side effects of a capsule wardrobe, here is the hard truth that no capsule wardrobe blogger wants to address:

You cannot commit to a capsule wardrobe until you've made peace with your pant size. 

If you have been telling yourself that you are going to lose 10, 20, 30 pounds and you are hanging onto clothing from the actual 1990s to prove it -- this isn't for you.

Or is it? How does it make you feel to look at those garments every morning? Confident or defeated? Inspired or disheartened? Ready to take on the world or ready to go back to bed? I will let you answer that for yourself.

Consider this: Perhaps it's time to release those old stories and embrace the right the fuck now.

Imagine waking up and only having to look at clothes that make you feel fantastic. How much fun would it be if your hardest daily fashion decision was choosing between accessories? What if your closet actually reinforced your undeniable confidence and style savvy? Something to think about. 



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There are amazing clothes in every size. 

There are amazing clothes in every size.