Maternity Look of the Day: B Mix Media 10/20/11


Maternity Look of the Day

B Mixed Media


  • Brownish 525 America rabbit fur vest
  • Brownish Missoni scarf
  • Black Motherhood Maternity long sleeve t-shirt
  • Black JBrand Secret Belly skinny pants (define irony)
  • Black Ash boots with Brown wood heel
  • Black Flinstone-y rock necklace
  • Black JCrew studded leather bracelet
  • Brown and animal print cloth bracelets
  • Fendi ‘B Mix’ Tobacco Zucca Large Tote

In college, before embracing the notion that there are truly no rules in fashion, Emily Mapp and I spent hours dissecting the deliberate mix of black and brown in the same outfit. “It makes no sense!” Above all, we valued consistent styling: there was nary a GMU Cheerleader who would pair Nike shoes with an Adidas track suit, nor would any self respecting Greek rock a TTKA hat with a Sig Ep/G-Phi-B Grab-A-Date t-shirt. We dubbed these various mixed media fashion infractions “Double Lettering.” Perhaps this is why I spent 5 years at GMU.

The trick to mixing patterns is scale and pallet. This outfit works because each of the competing patterned elements (Scarf, Vest, Bag) draw from the same color pallet (tones of medium - dark brown). The black shirt and pants anchor the look and the black boots with the brown wood heel tie it all together. A classic logo bag never hurts, either.



PS: Thanks to Laura Lejano for the Tumblr suggestion!