Changing Colors, Changing Channels

Outfit details: Chloe sunglasses (2015); Kiton blazer (2010); BCBG draped cardigan (2012); Stitch Fix dress (2015); Stella & Dot Havana necklace (2015); YSL Muse handbag (2008); J.Crew flats (2015)

Outfit details: Chloe sunglasses (2015); Kiton blazer (2010); BCBG draped cardigan (2012); Stitch Fix dress (2015); Stella & Dot Havana necklace (2015); YSL Muse handbag (2008); J.Crew flats (2015)

Oh October, the first full month of glorious autumn. She arrives with air crisp and leaves bright, just cool enough to evoke nostalgia for college days and my wedding night (okay that night was very, very cold). What month better embodies the dramatic spirit of fashion than October? Sunsets are never as majestic, with wide, sweeping strokes of fiery pink and orange.  Emerald leaves shift into a jacket of many jewel tones: ruby, citrine, topaz, amethyst as the month culminates with a costume parade. October is all about change. In that vein, this October I will highlight changing shopping channels and new and different ways to implement personal style without stepping foot into a store.

Today's outfit features three examples of my favorite reimagined shopping options. The Havana pendant necklace is Stella & Dot, a jewelry and accessories line highlighted by in home parties and high quality costume jewelry. Stella & Dot parties are a great excuse to leave the kids with your husband for a few hours and have girly fun with friends. You don't have to buy anything (but I usually do) and in additional to the fact the jewelry is fantastic, every time you wear it you remember the party, and that funny thing Pilar said. 

The dress is from Stitch Fix, an internet service that acts as a personal stylist, pulling inspiration from your own Pinterest activity and sending the garments directly to your home based on your predetermined budget and wardrobe needs. Your Stitch Fix shipments can be scheduled as often or as infrequently as you like. Back when I was a compulsive shopper I received a new box every two weeks (think about that for a minute). Now I schedule one for each season when I rotate my 34 pieces. Sometimes I keep everything, sometimes I send it all back. Either way its delightful and I always look forward to opening the package. 

Finally, the classic double breasted navy blazer is possibly my most epic fashion find of all time. Made by heritage Italian suit maker Kiton and valued north of $1000, I scored this gem at the Greater Washington DC Area Clothing Swap for exactly $0. My good friend Frances hosts this event and every thing about it is in my wheelhouse. You cull your closet, collect your cast offs and swap them with cast offs of likeminded woman. Trash vs treasure. Anything leftover is donated to Goodwill of Washington DC.  Everybody wins!

I am authentic to a fault. I like everything to have a story, a reason to be. Even articles of clothing. Each of these alternative shopping channels offers a shared fashion experience that feels incredible personal. There was a time when my favorite pastime was scouring T.J.Maxx racks for hours in a meticulous search for designer one-offs. I don't have that kind of time anymore. When I do have free time, I'd rather spend it purposefully. Buying jewelry and drinking wine with friends, for example.

I have not been paid to endorse any of these brands, by the way, but if you know someone who wants to pay me, I can be bought.