The September Issue

Bright start, dim day

Bright start, dim day

Today is the first day of autumn and I am proud to report that I managed to transition my Summer 2015 capsule collection to Fall 2015. Save for the challenge of negotiating personal activity time with small children, this feat gets simpler each season as I familiarize myself with the contents of my clothing reserves. However far I've evolved away from impulse shopping, each wardrobe shift reveals micro compulsions worth examination.

For example, this summer I developed an affinity for dainty layered lariat necklaces. This sexy minimalist style looks effortless on your neck but once they come off or within an inch of each other they knot. Presently all necklaces are entwined in a complex vermeil love triangle on my dresser. There is nothing more annoying than discovering a tangled necklace when you really want to wear it. Maybe that's why I bought three? Seriously why do I have three of the same necklace? One has a quartz point on the end, so there's that.

Last week my internal "Let's shop!" system alerted me to purchase new skinny jeans for Fall. "You have not a pair," it warned. "Must replenish." Wisely I held off until I could rationalize my cool weather clothes. What do you know? Not two, not four but SIX pairs of skinny denim emerged from the ethers of my closet. Literally one in every wash: Dark blue, light blue, grey, black, wax coated black and army green. Yikes. How does one forget they own half a dozen pairs of designer denim? 

Lastly, shoes. I'll argue this trend has less to do with selective memory and more with a marked change in lifestyle. I haven't bought truly nice shoes in years. Certainly I've worn through several seasons of Steve Madden flats and that's my point. Having disposed of the disposable, only the Italians remain: Manolo; Louboutin; Choo; Fendi. So what's the problem? The problem is pain. These expensive beauties are elaborate and tall and certainly not conducive to hustling two small children out the door in the morning.

Three seasons in and my minimalist fashion lifestyle has rendered me so practical I'm practically boring. Even when my shop-a-holic subconscious taunts me with imaginary needs, I've culled a garment inventory so transparent that I see through her mind trickery immediately. Thankfully, there is still room for shopping, only now I shop with a purpose. Starting with these flats. But it's good to know I'm good on ankle denim, layering lariats and camo print Manolos. 

Today's outfit is a bright reminder I have plenty of very nice clothes, thank you. ("Boring. Let's Shop!")

Outfit details: St. John cardigan (2012); J.Crew purple silk cami (2015); DL1960 dark denim (2014); Christian Louboutin Simple 85 pumps (2007); J.Crew fuchsia skinny belt (2011); Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant (2014)