MOOTD: New World Order


Maybe it’s Monday or maybe I’m still wrestling with New Years expectations but today I’ve been thinking a lot about order.

When did order become such a thing?

This Sunday we were lucky to spend a few minutes with my dad. Excited that Pop Pop was in their playroom, both toddlers showcased their best “Look at me!” acts. Watching AJ writhe on the carpet spewing a bucket of(just tidied) Darth Vador Christmas crayons in all directions I asked my dad if any of his children acted this way.

“Um yeah.” He replied, casting a bemused look in my direction. “My eldest daughter had a real challenge following directions and pretty much never cleaned up after herself – ever.”  He started to retell a story about hot dogs that illustrated exactly how messy I was but I’d heard it before so I changed the subject.


I don’t remember when my natural inclination towards chaos evolved into an obsession with order. What I do know is that in the grand comedy of the universe, now that I have a deep, burning desire to organize all corners of the universe, the universe laughs and grants me offspring intent of jumping headfirst into the laundry pile.

Recognizing my tendency to burn for the very things I cannot have, one New Years resolution was to try to find calm in the chaos and enjoy my children in the moment.  It’s a minute-by-minute process.

This much is true: The playroom is not going to stay organized; the laundry will never be complete and AJ is not going to clean up after himself but dammit, I will get dressed each morning out of a orderly, minimally appointed wardrobe – even if the rest of the house is a hell hole.

Mystery outfit details: Geometric chain link print faux-wrap dress that may or may not be made by one of my favorite designers

Model’s own details: Banana Republic sweater vest (2015); Stella & Dot Rebel pendant necklace (2014); Hermes Twilly as wrist adornment (birthday gift from Matt, 2015); Apple Sport watch (Christmas gift from Matt, 2015); DKNY opaque tights (2014); Loeffler Randall platform cut out booties (purchased in gray 2008, dyed black 2013); black nubby infinity scarf (acquired from Pilar, 2010-ish); J.Crew wool Dani coat (birthday gift from Dad, 2007); Versace sunglasses (2015)


My orderly corner of the universe