Fashion Formula: 4 Ways to Nail Transitional Spring Outfits

Early spring is perhaps the trickiest of micro seasons to navigate fashionably.  Budding trees intoxicate your senses with 75 degree daydreams while your prickly bare legs scream "Damn it girl! Why did you shave?" 

Treat these four pieces as a go-to fashion formula for topping a flirty spring dress, tank and slim pants or a skirt and blouse (without tights! YASSS) on a 45 degree morning. Peel pieces away throughout the day to greet a 67 degree afternoon. 

Even better -- each item holds its own all year long and with a color tweak or two, this combo will work just as seamlessly for transitioning outfits from summer to autumn. 

Transitional Key Piece #1: Anorak Jacket

A classic military style jacket, the anorak is always in. The weight and versatility make it a perfect top layer  for spring or autumn and the cut generally accommodates a layer or two underneath with ease. If you prefer a more structured aesthetic, substitute the anorak for a trench coat.

Transitional Key Piece #2: Neutral Open Cardigan

An open cardigan is one of my all time favorite outfit solutions. Once you're inside and lose the jacket, the cardigan provides enough coverage to rock a lightweight dress or tank without feeling like the first girl at the pool party. I am going to stress my recommendation for a neutral cardigan rather than a print, black or brightly colored option because: versatility. We want to throw this baby over a variety of colors and prints throughout the year. 

Transitional Key Piece #3: Colorful wrap scarf

GIRRRRRL! I love me a wrap scarf! No other accessory adds as much impact for as little commitment. Go crazy and update your wrap scarf collection seasonally because they are fun, functional and perk up your capsule collection with color, texture and trend. For spring, I recommend three inexpensive scarfs - one solid color and two prints that harmonize with the pallet of your MINIMALista seasonal capsule. 


Transitional Key Piece #4: Nude Open Toe Booties

Everything about nude open toe booties screams spring transition. They cover enough of your foot to highlight your good sense but show enough toe to celebrate the upcoming season. Plus you only need 60% of a pedicure to rock them. 

Outfit Details: Joie anorak jacket; gray Design History open cardigan; red Look scarf via Stitch Fix; gray Market & Spruce asymmetrical t-shirt via Stitch Fix; Joes Jeans fatigue skinnies; Halogen nude open toe booties

Did you use this fashion formula to unveil your first official spring outfit? Show me! 

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