MappCraft Brand U. Kari Talhaug Juvik

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MappCraft Brand U. Kari Talhaug Juvik

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Remainder of balance for Brand U.

$500 deposit paid June 2018

MappCraft Brand U. is a 14 week 1:1 virtual coaching course aimed at helping content leaders, bloggers, coaches and entrepreneurs establish their brand and create a platform to start a movement.

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Here's just some of what you can expect in the coming weeks: 

  • Understanding your brand
  • Identifying your perfect customer
  • Crafting your brand story and product offering
  • Brainstorming your brand assets (Logo, tagline, brand palette, fonts and templates - additional cost to create these for you)
  • Establishing your Digital Footprint (website, social media accounts)
  • How to use Pinterest to drive blog traffic
  • Product Development 
  • Setting up Mailchimp
  • Email List Building Basics 
  • Your Intro or Beta Offer
  • How to Create a Lead Magnet or Opt In
  • Using Video to Make an Impact 
  • Facebook Live, Facebook Groups and Social Learning
  • Creating Info Products 
  • Relationship building via your list 
  • Social Media Trickle Down
  • List Building