35 Piece Wardrobe or Fashion Fairy Tale?

Once Upon A Time a fashionista was held captive by her closet. Between marriage, children and managing her home, the fruit of her once favorite hobby (shopping) spoiled. Where it once sparked joy and creativity, her massive wardrobe now dulled her sparkly aura.

Every time she opened her closet her clothes mocked her from their crowded hangers: “I never even fit you!” berated a bandage dress. “There are seven of us in the same color!” bitched the black and white blouses. “Why haven’t you taken my tags off?” whined a weird taupe tunic. “We can’t breath in here!” choked the cashmere collection.  

Faced with an impending move and befuddled by where to house her ungrateful wardrobe she realized she’d had enough.

“I may have bought all of those clothes – but they don’t own ME!” she declared.

What happened next was the stuff of fashion fairy tales: She ripped through her wardrobe and ruthlessly assaulted the whole army. After days of battle, only the exceptional apparel stood. These special garments complemented her; they were versatile and played nicely with each other. They fit her body and her lifestyle. Now when she opened her tiny closet, she could look each of her 35 extraordinary garments in the eye and smile. In reply, they offered tons of chic and simple styling suggestions. She never looked so good.

Soon our former fashionista found all sorts of fun things to fill the time she once spent shopping. She perfected extended side crow, started a blog and paid off her Neiman Marcus card. Most importantly, her children and husband no longer feared the mornings when mommy would yell at her closet. A MINIMALista was born. 

After a year of MINIMALista life, our heroine realized it was time to share her gift with potential MINIMAListas across the land. Why should she be the only liberated girl on the block? What would happen if all of her friends were able to cement their personal style and sip the creative juice of closet clarity?

Do you want to find out?