6 Capsule Wardrobe Essentials





Now that you have a good idea of which of your clothes you would save in a fire and which can get the hell on - MISE EN PLACE! 

Here is a list of my absolute favorite capsule wardrobe necessities. I personally own each of these items and use them to display, store and/or organize my capsule closet. You should too.

  1. Huggable Hangers - even if you don't want to go all tiny-ass closet with me (your loss) you MUST replace your ridiculous dry cleaner hanger collection with these. You will automatically earn 30% more closet space and feel like a Real Simple editor in the process
  2. Full Length Mirror - Ever wish you had your best friend there with you before you decided on an outfit for the night? Say no more. A full length mirror will not only help you visualize your outfit from head to toe,  but give you the confirmation you need when you’re in doubt of an outfit choice.
  3. Jewelry Tray - You know why you buy all that Stella & Dot? It's not the wine buzz. It's a trade secret we call MERCHANDISING. Get your inner fashion buyer on and lay out your jewelry like a boss. So inspiring. 
  4. Garment Bag - Once you complete the Ruthless Wardrobe Edit, you'll need a system to store your off season gems out of sight. This clear bag protects your gear but lets you see what's there (and what's not) so you can plan for seasonal shopping accordingly. 
  5. Clear Shoe Boxes - I use these to store (and see) my off season shoes (see rationale above) but you can also utilize them for in or off season accessories.
  6. Rolling Garment Rack - This rack is a small investment for a huge improvement over laying your clothes all over your bedroom whilst attempting to rationalized what you want to keep or toss. Just assemble it next to your main closet(s) and transfer garments asa needed. After the Ruthless Wardrobe Edit, you can fold it up or use it for additional storage. Plus nothing feels more NYC Garment District than owning your own rolling rack AMIRIGHT?




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