How To Cement Your Personal Style, Lesson 2: Evaluate Accessories

How to cement your personal style - lesson 2: Evaluate accessories 

How to cement your personal style - lesson 2: Evaluate accessories 

Personal Style Defined

Personal style is a fluid concept.  One thing is certain - you know great style when you see it. This is because style transcends clothing – it’s a vibe. Style is the energy of multiple elements that add up to a look with feeling.

It takes time, energy and self-realization to cultivate a wardrobe that feels 100% you. But here’s the good news! Without realizing it you’ve already spent years experimenting with trends, admiring stylish people and collecting inspiration. 

The goal of this series is to help you process all that info so you can get down to business and start cultivating your unique look.

Stylish Pre-Work

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Lesson 2: Evaluate Accessories

Truly stylish people have a look you can't define. Sure, they may lean towards one style archetype over another, but often they incorporate multiple influences into their outfits with accessories.

Accessories allow you to experiment with a style archetype you'd never wear head to toe. For example, I don't consider myself a Free Spirit, but I love the energy of layered necklaces, gladiator sandals and a flowing Missoni caftan (especially at the beach).  

I am also attracted to Edgy looks but the idea of tight jeans and a leather jacket makes me tired, so I incorporate an Edgy attitude into a Classic outfit with a studded bag or spike earrings.

The goal of today's activity is to recognize that seemingly conflicting elements (i.e. Classically Chic pearls with a Edgy moto jacket) can add up to create a unique look.

Back to the boards! Today we are going to replicate our Lesson 1: Examine Style Archetypes activity with a focus on accessories. 

ACTIVITY: Pinspiration

Step 1: Create an EVALUATE ACCESSORIES board in your Pinterest account 

Step 2: Browse the 8 Archetypal Accessories boards below 

Step 3: Pin whatever accessories resonate, don't think too hard about overall Style Archetypes, your lifestyle, the cost or any other practical consideration. Again: vibe

1. Edgy Accessories


2. Americana Accessories


3. Editorial Eclectic Accessories


4. Classically Chic Accessories


5. Athleisure Accessories


6. Full On Glam Accessories


7. Minimalist Accessories


8. Free Spirit Accessories



Step 4: Review your EVALUATE ACCESSORIES board. Do the accessories align with your favorite archetypes? Do they clash? Doesn't matter! Now that you recognize the elements that you are drawn to you'll see both patterns and paradox, which is also known as...PERSONAL STYLE. 

Mash Up Style

To close today's lesson, consider the incredibly stylish ladies below. Each outfit is a combination of archetypal influences and accessories that add up to create a truly unique look. 


Stylish Homework

Put together an outfit using elements from at least 3 style archetypes. Share your look on the MappCraft Facebook Page. 


How To Cement Your Personal Style Lesson 3: Spot Your Signature

Next week we will look at iconic examples of signature style and explore how to incorporate your own signature items into your look. 

xoxo Jenn

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