How to Cement Your Personal Style, Lesson 3: Spot Your Signature

How to Cement Your Personal Style Part 3: Spot Your Signature

Personal Style Defined

Personal style is a fluid concept.  One thing is certain - you know great style when you see it. This is because style transcends clothing – it’s a vibe. Style is the energy of multiple elements that add up to a look with feeling.

It takes time, energy and self-realization to cultivate a wardrobe that feels 100% you. But here’s the good news! Without realizing it you’ve already spent years experimenting with trends, admiring stylish people and collecting inspiration. 

The goal of this series is to help you process all that info so you can get down to business and start cultivating your unique look.

Stylish Pre-Work

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Lesson 3: Spot Your Signature

Now that we've stalked hundreds of super chic ladies on Pinterest you've likely noticed that the ones you remember often have a style signature - a definitive element that appears over and over again in their outfits. 

Style signatures are not limited to garments or accessories, a style signature could be a preference towards a certain silhouette, a styling technique, haircut or even makeup. Some signatures are incredibly obvious and some require a relationship with the stylish to recognize. 

Can you spot these famous fashion icons style signatures?


What's My Signature?

Now don't get overwhelmed at the idea of selecting one item to represent you for all of eternity. Your style signatures evolve with your tastes, circumstances and interests.

For the past three weeks (thanks to this eye opening astrological transit) I've become obsessed with distressed denim shorts like those favored by Julie Sarinana of Why? I'm embracing the recognition that my current personal vibe is that of a Free Spirit archetype, and playing around with clothes that reflect the way I am feeling RIGHT NOW. The distressed denim jean shorts won't make much sense in November, but they've motivated me to replace a pair of skinny jeans with a more relaxed boyfriend cut for my Autumn 2016 capsule. 

You'll see more of the my evolved Free Spirit + Editorial Eclectic aesthetic in the upcoming Autumn 2016 capsule but just because I am replacing some of my more structured silhouettes with billowy bottoms doesn't mean I won't pair them with my signature Hermes scarves.

I'll just find a new way to tie them.

It's A turban, It's a Belt, It's a half top - It's a dang scarf, ya'll

It's A turban, It's a Belt, It's a half top - It's a dang scarf, ya'll

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