Why Don't You Merchandise Your Closet Like a Retailer?

The Power of Visual Merchandising

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Optimal arrangement of inventory is a key retail tactic. Good merchandisers know how to delight shopper's eyes with visual interest (hello, Anthropologie). Great merchandisers take it one step further and clarify the purpose of a item so a shopper can visualize it in her own environment.

When a fashion retailer groups trending items in the front of the sales floor, flanked by coordinating accessories and a micro display of seasonal shoes, you don't have to do the hard work of mixing and matching; you understand how the clothes work together. 

Shop Your Closet Like a Buyer

How easy would it be to get dressed if your closet was organized like your favorite boutique? Apply these simple merchandising strategies and I guarantee you'll feel more inspired to create original outfits out of the clothes you already own (and perhaps stop buying outfits you don't need from savvy retailers).

5 Retailer Strategies to Turn Your Closet Into a Personal Boutique

Strategy #1: Rationalize Inventory

Download your free 6 Wardrobe Essentials toolkit here!

Retailers constantly evaluate inventory levels for productivity. A lack of inventory looks like you're going out of business and too much clutter frustrates customers. Both situations result in poor sales. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume your closet has too much inventory, it overwhelms you and you're rarely inspired to create an original outfit. Let's fix that first.

Strategy #2: Display Cohesive Assortment of Seasonal Merchandise

  1. Get a garment rack

  2. Remove out of season items from your primary closet

  3. Display 25 - 30 seasonal garments in a coordinating palette on rack

  4. Store the rest out of sight

Strategy #3: Create Vignettes

Using your seasonal garment palette as a guide, identify an assortment of coordinating forever, statement and trend jewelry. Keep it simple. You don't need to include every pair of Kendra Scott earrings you've ever purchased (I'm looking at you, Joy Brock). Select your favorites and use your creativity and resources to display in vignettes, or small groupings.

Strategy #4: Impact Items at Eye Level

Download your free 6 Wardrobe Essentials toolkit here!

Retailers consider accessibility from a shopper's perspective. This is why popular merchandise is displayed at eye level. What is your most popular merchandise? For me it's my scarf collection. You might go gaga over handbags. Whatever makes your outfit pop, find a way to display it prominently, within arms length. 

Strategy #5: Impulse Items Near Exit

Download your free 6 Wardrobe Essentials toolkit here!

You know the super cute tubes of travel hand cream and mini nail polish bottles in bins near the register at Sephora? Those are what retailers call impulse items. Typically an impulse item is small, useful and easy to grab on your way out of the store. Kind of like your keys, sunglasses and wallet, right? Dedicate a visually delightful space to house your impulse items near the front door and shave minutes off your morning. 

Your Turn!

Whether your goal is to beat last season's retail numbers or to style original outfits daily, a organized and delight display of relevant merchandise is key. Once you've tried one or all of these tactics, let me know how much better your closet looks.

Or you can always call me and we can tackle your closet together. I’ll even make you outfit formulas and teach you how to accessorize. But don't take my word for it! MappCraft | Tiny Closet, Tons of Style® was named Best Service to Pair Down Your Closet by Washingtonian Magazine.

Be the Bright!