Astro Style: The Saturn Life Lesson I Found Hanging In My Closet

Astro Style: The Saturn Life Lesson I Found Hanging In My Closet

Astro Style: The Saturn Life Lesson I Found Hanging In My Closet

Summer 2016 is donzo and while Instagram mourns the end of festival season I'm chill AF about it.

The past few months have been a hot, slow slog towards enlightened self awareness. I don't know what's been going on in your universe but I am officially exhausted from over thinking my purpose and ready to get on with the next transit of my life. 

Girl, I know you feel the same way. We all do.

Over the past few months, the energetic approach of today's (Wednesday, August 24, 2016) power punch Mars conjunct Saturn transit forced us to confront what we really want out of life and kicked us in the pants to craft an action plan.

This is your chance to release those old pattens once and for all – and to welcome in the new stuff you really want to build and create. When Mars and Saturn meet tomorrow morning, they will start a new two-year cycle around our life’s work, how we take action, our belief systems, and the structures in our lives.
— Anne Ortelee,

That sounds productive, yes?

On paper.

In real time, this energy has erupted our sense of security with upsets, chaos and hella emotional upheaval. However painful, the process holds a mirror in the face of our outdated stories and the areas of our lives that simply don't inspire joy.

That's Saturn for you - a real ball buster. 

The Mars-Saturn chart (is about) seeing the patterns, releasing them, and creating new ones that support you... (it could) bring “fated” events, where we don’t always have free will. Think of it as a cosmic course-correction, redirecting you to where you’re meant to go.
— Anne Ortelee,

Don't fret, I won't burden you with a deep tale of existential crisis. My monumental A-HA was hanging in my tiny closet. 

Archetypal Influences

In July I started How to Cement Your Personal Style, a two part (and counting) interactive Pinterest activity that explores 9 primary Style Archetypes: Classically Chic, Edgy, Editorial Eclectic, Minimalist, Free Spirit, Americana, Full On Glam and Athleisure. 

For weeks I poured over fashion bloggers and street style shots and categorized hundreds of looks, paying close attention to what images excited me and which fell flat.

I write about fashion and I only wear 35.7 painstakingly selected garments per season, so naturally I assumed I was in touch with my personal style: Classically Chic for work and Editorial Eclectic + Athlesuire for weekend. 

Classically Chic by Day

Weekend Eclectic with a Side of Athleisure 


My weekend Eclectic meets Athleisure aspirations are solid but I do need to up my sneaker and textured overcoat game. Overall though, this look is still me. I like it. It vibes.

But Classically Chic? Not so much. I never wear the business garments I've kept in my capsule. Pencil skirts, blazers, blouses and killer heels simply don't serve me anymore. Instead, they reflect a bygone era before children when I was career obsessed and hell bent on dressing exactly like my boss. 

The Forgotten 

So what do I actually wear? A rotating mix of fluid, soft fabrics with stretch, paired with flat sandals, a novelty tank or slouchy top and piled on accessories. 

On Repeat

The realization I'd gone boho completely contradicts an image (and ambition) I was clinging to yet had long since outgrown.

You do not attend an executive level meeting in flat shoes, distressed denim and a gauzy t-shirt.

That's what you wear when you write about fashion, chase your children, practice yoga and work from home helping small businesses build a brand identity.

Hypothetically speaking, of course.

Business Boho

If you haven't checkout MappCraft on Pinterest - DO IT.

For more astro insight check out my girl Anne Ortelee online and listen to her awesome weekly podcast

Did Saturn or Mars (or just maybe your mom) shake up your life this summer? Tell me about it! 



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The Best Blog Post I Ever Wrote

Photo Credit:  Erin Nicole Brown

Photo Credit: Erin Nicole Brown

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what it means to "blog" these days, how far this blog has progressed and where it started. 

There is pressure in this community to be very specific with subject matter, to stay to true to a niche and to write headlines like this: 5 WAYS TO WRITE HEADLINES or THE 1 SECRET TO WRITING HEADLINES THAT NO ONE WILL EVER TELL YOU.

I started for two reasons.

  1. I love writing

  2. I love outfits

As I try to figure out my direction — and work to perfect a lovely Up, Close and Personal Style piece about my dear friend Ada Polla - I thought I'd share what was ultimately the best received blog post I ever published. 

Maybe you can tell me why?



May 2015: AKA Before Erin Nicole Brown photography

May 2015: AKA Before Erin Nicole Brown photography

Alternate Realities

I have been awake since 5:45AM. Someone left the sunroof open in my car and it rained. There is a pimple the size of Manassas on my lip. The baby is congested and teething. It feels impossible to get anything cleaned or organized with a full time job and small children. Our refrigerator is very small. Daycare costs more than a mortgage in a normal town. I waste too much money on Starbucks. I am having a bad hair day. 


Our new home has a playroom. It takes 14 minutes to get to my office from my driveway. I am paid to make Cibu hair products. People love Fresh Crunch pickles. It is nearly summertime. The bruises on my triceps are from extended side crow. I’ve been blessed with beautiful children, a very cute dog and an excellent cook for a husband. Everything is funny. The peonies are blooming. Life is full of creative opportunity. 

Which of version of my story is more interesting? Which version of your story do you tell each day?

Today’s outfit is so much more put together than warranted for my level of fatigue. Why? Because last night I said eff it, let the baby cry a little in her crib and ruthlessly edited my summer capsule down to 33 items, exactly. More on that story later.