The Day Before Tomorrow

Feeling good today, friends! Because: vacation. I am a big fan of anticipation. My favorite day of the week is Thursday, so wrought with possibility.  When we were little, my sister and I would spend a week each summer in New York City with our Aunt Catherine. NYC is epic, always has been, always will be, but this was the ‘80s and NYC was authentically cool. Break dancers on street corners cool. Hot pink dollar sign earrings cool. DJ Magic Mike mix tape cool. Understandably, our annual trip was a BIG DEAL. And while the week’s festivities never disappointed (Aunt Cat ran that city) my favorite part was the plane ride there. I can still feel the giddy belly butterflies. Once you were actually in the city the trip was destined to end and with that the return of another sweltering summer in Norfolk, VA.

Tell the truth day! I bought some stuff from J.Crew. Also I forgot to cancel Stitch Fix. Both packages arrived yesterday. As soon as I spotted them at the door my minimalist rationale went out the window. Matt asked if I loved our baby anymore, because she needed to eat and I straight sprinted to her nursery to rip open boxes.

In the light of day I could see that the braided rope belt wasn’t leather and the statement necklace was one that I didn’t need to make. This is when I had what my therapists call a “breakthrough.” Online shopping feeds my anticipation addiction. Until it arrives, anything is possible. The belt could be the link that connects my wardrobe; the vintage cotton v-neck tee might be the last that I’d ever need to buy. Unlike memories of late night cannolis and my first cappuccino in Little Italy or the fourth time we saw Cats!, these unnecessary online purchases left me feeling empty inside. I sent everything back. OK! I kept a pair of denim shorts. One day at a time, people.

Feeling the vacay vibes! Even the rain can’t get me down, or touch my new highlights and spray tan under this jaunty beach hat. 

Outfit details: Original Penguin hat (belongs to Matt, 2013); trusty Joie Military Fatigue Jacket (2014); Gap Women 1969 Destructed Western Denim Shirt (2015); Tinley Road Maya Vegan Grey Leather Shoulder Mini Dress (2013); Salvatore Ferragamo Louisa Silk Scarf as belt (2009); Hunter Boots (gift from sister Emily 2013); Stella & Dot Rebel pendant (2014); Stella & Dot Norah Chandelier earrings (2014); Pave diamond disk necklace (anniversary gift from Matt, 2014)

Surprise Inside

My toddler can’t read so I don’t know how he found the “Surprise Egg” YouTube network. The premise is simple: Faceless adult hands crack apart plastic eggs to reveal tiny licensed treats. With great ceremony the anonymous fingers rip open a shiny foil parcel. A wee Minecraft horse tumbles out. Sometimes the creepy hands unearth a nutritious packet of Hello Kitty sugar candies or a Lego Spiderman Mini Figurine. How delightful! I think. Another adorable plastic nightmare to clog the corners my home. After each 3 - 5 minute video its  “Another one mommy, another one!” And I oblige because I like quiet.

Yesterday I received a promising e-blast from J.Crew. Considerate gal that she is, J.Crew wrote to remind me that SPRINGSALE earns 30% off all orders. Won’t you just take a peak? Oh OK. My eager fingers scan the responsive-for-mobile product pages and land on the surprise inside: Ribbed racer back tank top. Select Color. Gray, white and black, please? Only $29.50 each (plus 30% OFF!). A steal, a deal, a downright GIFT from the tank top goddess. Another one!  Another gray, white and black tank top to clog the corners of my closet.

Reason prevailed. It would be wrong to lead you astray, dear reader, on our journey to minimalist nirvana. I defied the tank tops’ sweet siren song and instead took this picture of her would-be sisters.

Outfit Details: Hermes horse bit scarf (2007); JCrew ruffle trench (2008); Rachel Pally striped tunic (2014) on top of BCBG Layering Tank Dress (2014); DKNY tights (2014); Nine West Heartset Wedge Knee High Boots (2014); Loeffler Randall Industry Bag (2014); Stella & Dot Rebel Pendant (2014)

Signature Style


Part of the appeal of Project 333 is the opportunity to save money. The goal is to edit your belongings down to a seasonal collection of coordinating items that play well together. Arguably, you save money because you are shopping your own closet and you save time because your choices are limited.  Leave it to me to spend money executing a minimalist lifestyle change. 

You see what happened was… the process of curating a three month wardrobe revealed gaps in the coordination matrix. There was no black and white striped t-shirt, no nude go-with-everything stacked healed sandal, no gray ruched mini skirt - obviously items necessary TO TIE IT ALL TOGETHER. Not to worry, gaping fashion holes were filled, online, while nursing at 4:14AM. World’s best shopping conditions. 

As soon as I tapped the order confirmation button the familiar nervous/guilty anticipation set in: In 3 - 5 business days all of my problems would be solved by J Crew. This very feeling is the dragon that I am attempting to shake. Even as I type this her fiery breath is whispering that I need just one more thing to complete the perfect spring capsule – black nude flats. A good quality pair by Loeffler Randall. But I haven’t pushed ADD TO BAG. Yet. 

Dragon lady is graciously quiet on the jewelry and scarf front. These signature items, mostly special gifts from Matt, didn’t require deliberation because they bring me joy. 


Jewelry: From left, David Yurman, Tiffany & Co, Stella & Dot, Kendra Scott, Gorjana, model’s own


 Hermes Scarfs: From bottom, Red Horse Bits 2007; Purple Love Birds 2009

Day 2 Outfit Credits

Top: Tart Collections (2014

Cardigan: JCrew (2010 stolen from sister Emily)

Pants: JCrew Minnie (2013)

Shoes: Christian Louboutin Simple 85s (2007)

Bag: Loeffler Randall Industry Bag (2014 gift from sister Emily)

Scarf: Posh Boutique, Charlottesville, VA (2010)

Jewelry: David Yurman (2006 - 2013)