Inspiration, Aspiration and Collaboration

When I started this blog in March I had no agenda aside from my love for writing and fashion. The minimalist wardrobe shtick provided a jumping point and interesting content. But really, I just yearned to write op-ed and take outfit selfies.

Mappcraft was inspired by two blogs: Un-fancy and Man Repeller. Each offers a unique, albeit polar opposite, perspective on fashion. As the title implies, Un-fancy celebrates simplicity and the minimalist wardrobe philosophy while Man Repeller is a sharply hilarious tribute to personal style and high fashion at its most excessive. But really, I fell in love with the bloggers.

Un-fancy’s Caroline is a simple girl with simple outfits and very well organized blog. She lives in Austin, TX, appears to make a living as a “style consultant” and hosts in store events at Madewell. Caroline is my minimalism muse. I fancy she lives in a clutter-free loft style apartment with an exposed brick wall and in house photography studio, where she writes her blog in a flood of natural sunlight. Sadly, my relationship with Caroline was short lived. Only one month after I became enamored with Caroline and her enviably un-fancy lifestyle, she put her blog on hiatus to go on a road-trip in an effort to further simplify her life. 

Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine is Carrie Bradshaw if Carrie were reallllly smart and actually confident (come on guys – she slept with Big on their first date, slept with him when he was married and went back to him after he left her at the altar #justsayin). Since the launch of Man Repeller in 2010 (when I discovered it, ahem) Leadra has exploded into a fashion authority and icon in her own right. Man Repeller has evolved from personal fashion blog to omni-channel fashion destination. Leandra now sits on thought leadership panels, is lauded by Forbes Magazine and routinely collaborates on capsule collections with the likes of Dannijo and Saks Fifth Avenue. Guys - she is 27 years old and running a fashion empire that was inspired by a blog.

Isn’t it awesome what a girl can achieve these days with a voice and internet access?

Okay, maybe I did have a vision for Mappcraft more aspirational than writing for the amusement of my Facebook friends.  For instance – wouldn’t it be swell to collaborate with an up and coming fashion retailer? How cool would it be if that retailer loaned me 30 awesome garments – my entire Winter 2016 capsule wardrobe – for the simple sake of creating outfits and blogging about the experience in my unique voice?  

But really — pregnant pause—THAT JUST HAPPENED!

And it’s a damn fine way to end 2015.

Winter 2016 wardrobe coming Monday, with just a little twist…

Happy New Years!

Outfit details: Nordstrom scarf (Christmas gift from Dad, 2015); Banana Republic sweater vest (2015); J.Crew white button down (2012); Stella & Dot pendant necklace (2015); DL61 jeans (2014); J.Crew flats (2015); Marc by Marc Jacobs Metropoli cross body bag (2014); Hermes Twilly as wrist adornment (birthday gift from Matt, 2015); Apple Watch Sport (Christmas gift from Matt, 2015); David Yurman Classic Cable bracelet (I won at Black Jack gift from Matt, 2006)

A sneak peek at the mystery retailer's wares

A sneak peek at the mystery retailer's wares