Magical Mystery Fashion Tour

Coco Loco

Coco Loco

Happy New Year! Is anyone as grateful as I am to be back in the office? I love my kids and all but – yikes! The past two weeks is entirely why I leave childcare to the professionals.  And my husband.

Back to the business of fashion -- how do you like my outfit? Several pieces from this Coco-inspired look are courtesy of the mystery fashion collaborator, can you pick which?

Here’s the deal: I am not going to reveal the identity of the mystery fashion collaborator until the end of January. By that time you will be practically panting with anticipation, the clothes are that good. I will however, give you some clues to keep you engaged.

CLUE #1: The mystery retailer’s business model is an alternative fashion channel

Enjoy the outfit and the rest of your quiet, toddler-free work day.

Mystery Outfit Details: Nubby black and white bracelet length wool sweater layered over long sleeve vintage wash black and white heather t-shirt; black cotton pencil skirt

Model’s Own Accessories: White camellia bobby pin, Salon Cielo GWP many promotional calendars ago (maybe 2010); long faux pearls, Goodwill (2009); black and white scarf, Nordstrom (Christmas gift from Dad, 2015); DKNY black opaque tights (2014); wedge knee length boots, Nine West (2014); The North Face gloves (Pretty sure I lifted these from Pilar in November, let’s see if she is reading this…)