Day 1️⃣: ✨MINIMALista ❤️ Love Your Look 👓Challenge 👗

This outfit just came to me 

This outfit just came to me 

Let's recap: the MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge (MLYLC) is a simple exercise to prepare you for adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. By tracking and recording your clothing selections for two weeks, the MLYLC will reveal which of your garments you love and which are sucking up closet space.

Even though I've already embraced a capsule wardrobe philosophy, I am using the MLYLC to identify which winter garments to transition into my spring capsule collection and which style of garments I should invest in to fill in gaps.

What I wore:

  1. Base layer: Athleta Chatarunga zebra print leggings; Lululemon tank
  2. Core: Gap denim shirt dress over Banana Republic sweater vest
  3. Accessories: StitchFix blanket scarf, Apple Watch, H&M rosette beanie, David Yurman Cable Classics suite
  4. Footwear: Columbia snow boots


Base layer: Selected items from my yoga drawer because it was snowing and I wanted something warm but light enough to layer under a semi-cute outfit and sporty enough to offer ease of movement in potential falling-in-snow situation. Additionally, I strive to be prepared for actual yoga at any moment. I chose the Athleta Leggings because the zebra print is sassy/subtle and they are super soft. The Lululemon tank (not visible) is also soft, lightweight and comfortable.

COMFORT is an integral element of MINIMALista style

Core: Chose the Gap denim shirt dress for it's layering versatility. Can be worn alone as a dress or unbuttoned as a top coat. Ideal length. Soft fabric with easy to fold sleeves (very important). Perfect shade of denim indigo that matches everything. 

Core:  The Banana Republic Sweater Vest is easily my favorite Fall/Winter piece. Again, made to layer and the perfect length. Soft fabric with texture. Vests and/or pop overs are a critical element in a capsule wardrobe because they easily elevate an outfit from basic to considered. They also add warmth without arm bulk so you can wear under a jacket without feeling all fat man in a little coat. 

MINIMAListas treat LAYERING as an art form

Accessories: StitchFix blanket scarf harmonizes with leggings and provides ample neck support. H&M rosette beanie is cheap and cheerful, David Yurman Cable Classics are just that - classic, refined and subtle. Apple Watch has yet to improve my life but I can look at pictures on it and that's cool.

Footwear: Practicality rules when confronted with compromised walking conditions. These Columbia snow boots assure sure footing and remind me of those two times I went skiing.

A MINIMALista lists ACCESSORIZING as a super power; she is prepared for anything

Download and print the MLYLC worksheet below and start tracking with us! 

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