Day 2️⃣: ✨MINIMALista ❤️Love Your Look 👓Challenge👗

Rainy days call for rainy grays

Rainy days call for rainy grays

Let's recap: the MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge (#MLYLC) is a simple exercise to prepare you for adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. By tracking and recording your clothing selections for two weeks, the MLYLC will reveal which of your garments you love and which are sucking up closet space.

Even though I've already embraced a capsule wardrobe philosophy, I am using the MLYLC to identify which winter clothes to transition into my spring capsule collection and which style of garments I should invest in to fill in gaps.

What I wore:

  1. Base layer: SPANX gray opaque tights
  2. Core: Stitch Fix gray drawstring waist jersey dress
  3. Top layer: Joie fatigue jacket
  4. Accessories: Neiman Marcus knit infinity scarf; Stella & Dot Relic drusy pendant necklaceApple WatchDavid Yurman Cable Classics suite
  5. Footwear:  Hunter Original Tall Gloss rain boots in gray


Base layer: I don’t necessarily need SPANX tights – or do I? You will never know. I reach for these gray opaque tights (which I’ve owned for several years) over and over because the quality is truly excellent (they'll never run, tug or go sheer on you); they match today's outfit palette and when you pull these suckers on nothing makes you feel more alive! (ie: sucked the eff in)

MINIMALista styling hack: MONOCHROME

Core: Chose the Stitch Fix drawstring dress because it's lightweight and (even though yesterday was 27 degrees with snow showers) today was a balmy 54 degrees with 100% chance of dripping, muddy, snow melting rain. I like a drawstring style dress because they are easy to wear and beg for accessories; although, looking at this picture, this particular dress (which has enjoyed a coveted spot in my capsule wardrobe for three seasons) is not as flattering as I remember. Perhaps it’s time to purge her and replace with this super cute version by Splendid.

Top: My Joie fatigue jacket is everything. An anorak style jacket is the ideal weight for spring (or spring-like conditions) and gives off cool girl vibes with swingy "I've had this since 'Nam" ease. I believe the French call it "je ne sais quoi." My friend Michelle calls me Jenn Essay Mapp. 

MINIMAListas endlessly evaluate the PRODUCTIVITY of their garments

Accessories: My Neiman Marcus knit infinity scarf harmonizes with the gray pallet, reminds us that it is still winter and layers nicely atop a mixed metal Stella & Dot Relic druzy pendant necklace.  Write this down: Scarf over pendant is a sure fire styling formula. The proportions of this combo read advanced accessorizor. For my earrings and wrist candy, David Yurman Cable Classics are just that - classic, refined and subtle and they play well with the mixed metal druzy pendant situation. My rose gold Apple Watch Sport has yet to improve my productivity or timeliness but talking into your wrist truly annoys non-Apple Watch folks and I love that about me.

Footwear: I said it yesterday and I will say it again -- practicality rules when confronted with compromised walking conditions. Have you ever witnessed a woman attempt a puddle jump in platforms? It's awkward for everyone. These Hunter Rain Boots prevent mud splatter and give you a reason to look forward to rain.

MINIMALista accessory hack: SCARF OVER PENDANT 

xoxo, Jenn


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(OY VEY was this morning a doozy)