Day 3️⃣: ✨MINIMALista ❤️ Love Your Look 👓Challenge 👗

Let's recap: the MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge (MLYLC) is a simple exercise to prepare you for adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. By tracking and recording your clothing selections for two weeks, the MLYLC will reveal which of your garments you love and which are sucking up closet space.

Even though I've already embraced a capsule wardrobe philosophy, I am using the MLYLC to identify which winter garments to transition into my spring capsule collection and which style of garments I should invest in to fill in gaps.

What I wore:

  1. Base layer: DKNY black opaque tights
  2. Core: Susan Monaco black mini skirt; Noppies black and white long sleeve t-shirt
  3. Top layer: BCBG multi-functional asymmetrical cardigan
  4. Accessories: Hermes Twilly as head scarf; Stella & Dot Rebel pendant
  5. Footwear: J.Crew black leather ballet flats


Base layer: DKNY black opaque tights. Because: winter. From late fall to early spring, tights make every skirt, every dress a possibility. As such, MINIMAListas invest in 3 -4 quality pairs and replace only as necessarily. MINIMAListas do NOT mindlessly accrue twenty-two never perfect pairs from Target and TJMAxx. Trust me – decisions like this are the difference between digging through years of weird stockings to find the one pair that work and easily reaching for a sure fire selection every time. A respectable hosiery collection includes options from Hue, DKNY, SPANXor - if you are truly passionate about legwear - Wolford.

MINIMAListas invest in HOSIERY

Core: Chose the Susan Monaco skirt because, really, does it get more versatile than a basic black skirt with a little stretch? No. I wouldn’t wear this number with heels because #realtalk, I bought it for Vegas. This skirt is Vegas Length. I can pull it off because I am wearing flats and I am shorter than you. Mini, midi or pencil - a black skirt is a closet staple. Closet closed.

Core: This Noppies long sleeve t-shirt is a holdover from that time I wore maternity clothes for a month (read more about that here). I didn’t give it back because the tunic length is perfect, I dig the heather wash and I’m a sucker for anything black and white. Plus I haven’t actually washed it yet so it smells like a combination of every Bond No. 9 fragrance I own and, surprisingly, that ain’t bad.

Top layer: I like to play with proportions and this poppy red BCBG cardigan plays right along. She ties in front; she swings over one shoulder; she drapes just right and with her energizing pop of orange tinged red, she’s always down for a good time.

MINIMAListas have a BLACK SKIRT on hand at all times

Accessories: Hermes twill scarfs are my jam. I picked up this 32”x2” Twilly, which features a whimsical illustration of the 1st arrondissement, in the Madison Ave. NYC boutique over Christmas with my husband and our two toddlers in tow. Every thing about it makes me smile - the print, the color, the petite dimensions – and particularly the memory of my “exceptionally well behaved” toddlers unleashed in an Hermes Paris boutique. Never again.

Accessories: If you were to examine every picture in my Outfit Gallery you’d spot this Stella & Dot Rebel pendant plenty of times. By now you know I love a pendant and the Rebel in me likes to imagine the top unscrews to reveal a secret stash of something fun inside.

Footwear: These sweet leather J.Crew ballet flats, which typically reside in my work tote as to- and fro- shoes, are perfect ground control for a Vegas Length skirt.

MINIMALista know that NOSTALGIA makes the best accessories

xoxo, Jenn


Download and print the MLYLC worksheet below and start tracking with us!

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