Day 5️⃣ ✨ MINIMALista ❤️ Love Your 👓 Look 👗Challenge ✨

If Hermes and TJ Maxx had a baby...

If Hermes and TJ Maxx had a baby...

Let's recap: the MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge (MLYLC) is a simple exercise to prepare you for adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. By tracking and recording your clothing selections for two weeks, the MLYLC will reveal which of your garments you love and which are sucking up closet space.

Even though I've already embraced a capsule wardrobe philosophy, I am using the MLYLC to identify which winter garments to transition into my spring capsule collection and which style of garments I should invest in to fill in gaps.

What I wore:

  1. Base layer: Target Mossimo opaque tights
  2. Core: WilliWear scoop neck black top; Forever 21 bell skirt 
  3. Accessories: Hermes Twilly as wrist adornment; Christian Louboutin Lipstick pendant; Apple Watch
  4. Footwear: Christian Louboutin Simple 85 pumps 


Base layer: Target Mossimo black tights. Remember, um, yesterday, when I told you that MINIMAListas invest in 3 -4 quality pairs of tights and replace only as necessarily? And that MINIMAListas do NOT mindlessly accrue twenty-two imperfect pairs from Target? Well sue me. My respectable tights were dirty and the only lurking pair were these back ups from Target. I wore them and the world did not end. No one chastised me for rolling up with low budget hose. But I was annoyed by them all day and it was distracting. SO THERE.

MINIMAListas have a BACK UP pair (but just one)

Core:  This outfit is a study in the paradox of cheap. In my twenties, a party girl lifestyle demanded no less than two new going out outfits a week. My friend Karina says that youth is wasted on the young, and thank goodness because my botox-free face and enviable muscle tone went a long way towards masking my lack of income. As such, I lived for Forever 21, which is where I purchased this bell skirt for $25 -- another exception to my general advice to avoid the allure of fast fashion when crafting a quality wardrobe.

MINIMALista TIP: When you find a garment you love at H&M, Forever 21, Zara or similar - never wash it. Ever. You'll spend eight times as much on dry cleaning as the original cost of the item but you will extend its lifecycle x1000

Core: I do embrace off price retailers for disposable basics like t-shirts and tanks. This WilliWear scoop neck top from TJMaxx is practically perfect: Just the right amount of stretch, super flattering three quarter length sleeves and a $16 price tag. 

MINIMAListas spend money to DRY CLEAN cheap clothes

Accessories: Have I mentioned that accessorizing is my super power? This is how I disguise a $41 outfit as designer. If Wonder Woman were super chic, she’s take my cue and wrap her wrists in a Hermes Twilly. What’s around my neck? It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a pendant! It’s a lipstick? It's a Christian Louboutin Lipstick Pendant?! Oh yeah girl. Oh yeah. Finally, my Apple Bat Watch is wonderful for telling time and distracting me with mysterious vibrations.

Footwear: If I were to have purchased these Christian Louboutin Simple 85 pumps from Forever 21 a) that would be amazing and b) they’d be long dead by now. Instead, I bought them in 2007 at Saks Fifth Avenue to celebrate my 30th birthday. Do that math on your own time. I owe their longevity to my guy in Tysons Corner who has twice resuscitated their soles with Vibram.

MINIMAListas invest in SHOES and a COBBLER to maintain them


Download and print the MLYLC worksheet below and start tracking with us!

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Ommmmm, you can get up now

Ommmmm, you can get up now