Day 1️⃣0️⃣: ✨MINIMALista ❤️Love Your 👓Look Challenge 👗


Let's recap: the MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge (MLYLC) is a simple exercise to prepare you for adopting a MINIMALista lifestyle. By tracking and recording your clothing selections for two weeks, the MLYLC will reveal which of your garments you love and which are sucking up closet space.

Even though I've already embraced a capsule wardrobe philosophy, I am using the MLYLC to identify which winter garments to transition into my spring capsule collection and which style of garments I should invest in to fill in gaps.

What I wore:

1.     Core: J.Crew Toothpick jeans

2.     Core: Banana Republic black and white striped pima cotton t-shirt

3.     Core: Banana Republic magenta merino wool crew neck sweater 

4.     Top Layer: Joie Anorak jacket

5.     Accessories: Kendra Scott Oliver druzy quartz pendant;  Anthropologie knit beret; David Yurman cable classics silver hoops and bracelet

6.     Footwear: Nike Roshe Run Fly Knit Sneakers


Core: Rocking the J.Crew toothpick jeans again because, like I said in a previous post, they are extremely versatile and despite my concerns about the hem job they are actually perfect to wear with sneakers as they highlight a hint of ankle, which is very Parisian, if I remember correctly. And yes, they are tight after the first wash but this must be day four because they are feeling pretty loose my friends and I feel good. Mornings are too short to waste time trying on clothes that don’t feel good. 

MINIMAListas have tiny closets filled with feel good clothes

Core:  I purchased this striped pima cotton t-shirt and magenta merino wool sweater from Banana Republic in Boca Town Center last week after my Cibu presentation at Salon Cielo. You caught me. I cheated on my own no-shopping challenge. HOWEVER these qualify as hall pass purchases because they were intentional: I buy one black and white striped t-shirt a season (this is that shirt) and magenta is my power color. Plus, I was already in the mall and with two toddlers I must embrace every opportunity presented to shop without them.  

MINIMAListas forgive themselves for shopping off schedule

Accessories: I dug out this knit Anthropologie beret because who doesn’t dig a raspberry beret? Paired with the striped t-shirt and slim ankle pants it also echoes the Parisian vibe. Love myself a pendant and this Kendra Scott druzy quartz necklace is a simple statement that covertly emits healing crystal energy. I wear my David Yurman silver hoops and bracelet so often that they've practically receded into my skin. Like my wedding bands and pave disk necklace, I often forget to list them accessories. We will expand on the energetic importance of personal space jewelry in another lesson. Just think about it for now. 

Top Layer: Are anorak jackets still a thing? They were having a moment when I bought this Joie number in October 2014. Whatever. I don't follow trends. If this jacket is out than the problem is on you because there are few toppers more appropriate for transitional weather or with as an I WOKE UP LIKE THIS attitude. The anorak is the trench coat's effortlessly cool sister: You know she cares about what she looks like but some how she makes it look like she doesn't. 

Footwear: Last fall in NYC I noticed a hip Japanese dude wearing what I thought were these Nike Roshe Run Fly Knit sneakers. I scoured the internet to secure a pair in time for our anniversary trip to Paris. They were perfect! Comfortable, street-chic and coordinated with practically everything. Several weeks later Instagram confirms that my Asian muse was actually sporting $1500 Adidas Yeezy Boosts. Today I am annoyed at these Nike perpetrators for tricking me and I really want Yeezy Boosts. I remind myself that last month I was enamored with Justin Beiber. This too shall pass.

MINIMAListas are allowed momentary lapses in judgement


Download and print the MLYLC worksheet below and start tracking with me!

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