Day 1️⃣2️⃣: ✨MINIMALista ❤️Love Your 👓Look Challenge 👗


Can you believe it? Only two days left of the 14 Day MINIMALista Love Your Look Challenge! I realize that it has taken me four weeks to document a two-week project but life doesn’t always happen in real time, okay?

Did this series inspire you to take a closer look at your clothing choices? Have you identified which garments send you out the door feeling amazing and which drain your precious life force? I hope so because we are only a week away from the Spring 2016 MINIMALista Ruthless Wardrobe Edit. AKA: The first closet of the rest of your life. Getting your rolling rack ready!

What I wore:

1.    Core: J.Crew Toothpick jeans

2.    Core: Banana Republic sweater vest over Banana Republic Dot Print Round Collar blouse

3.    Top Layer: Elizabeth and James gray blazer

4.    Accessories: Grape White + Warren Honey Comb Stitched Cashmere Wrap

5.    Footwear: Grape Nike Free 5.0 running shoe


Core: Per my previous post, you elevate black from boring with details. I will spare you more details about these J. Crew toothpick jeans (other than to point out the value and versatility of great pants). It’s truly unfortunate that this picture is too dark for you to appreciate the textural juxtaposition of the nubby sweater vest layered over the diaphanous sheer dot blouse. Yes, those are big words to describe an outfit I wore last Wednesday but obviously, I am into details.

A MINIMALista is enamored with details

Top Layer:  It’s been warm, so this was the only day during this exercise that I wore this Elizabeth and James blazer and that’s a deplorable shame because this is a jacket worth celebrating. She fits like a glove (with just enough room to layer comfortably over a sweater) and boasts a classic shape modernized with a contemporary tunic length and bracelet sleeves. The tweed-ish fabric is definitively Fall/Winter and as such, I will be sad but satisfied to store her away until October.

A MINIMALista is satisfied by STAPLES

Accessories and Footwear: A burst of grape flavored inspiration drew me to pair this punch of purple White + Warren cashmere scarf and Nike Free 5.0 running shoes. The Nikes are an interesting choice for suiting separates but why not? I felt great, comfortable yet sharp and ready to sprint, if the situation warranted a quick exit. The proportions work. Just two pops of uplifting purple make an otherwise humdrum outfit worth mentioning.

A MINIMAListas is energized by COLOR

Yearning to learn to love your look? Start by downloading the LYLC worksheet and use it to track your outfits for two weeks. Your choices will reveal the clothes you love and the garments stealing your closet space and precious life energy. Need help? Have questions? EMAIL ME! I would love to help you clear your closet and cement your personal style. 

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