4 Tips: How To Land An Epic Gift

4 Tips: How to Land an Epic Gift | MappCraft

4 Tips: How to Land an Epic Gift | MappCraft

The Art of The Ask

An effective capsule closet, one that guarantees out-the-door outfit solutions that make you feel fantastic every day, is hinged on a solid wardrobe core. Expertly crafted accessories and signature jewelry strengthen this core considerably.

Sartorial objects d’art do not come often, nor do they come cheap. Such investments must be plotted, planned and timed impeccably – which brings me to Christmas.

The holidays are a critical wardrobe core strengthening opportunity.

I will not let you blow this.

Here is my well-oiled, time-tested strategy to ensure that you wake up December 25 with a love token befitting of your year round fabulousness.

Epic Gift Getting Tip #1: Start Early | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Getting Tip #1: Start Early | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Tip #1 : Start Early

If you are embarking on this process today – we may be too late.  Men are not trained to read brains. It is your responsibility to approach this mission with thoughtful consideration to what you want and how to get it. I'd advise spending the five weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas researching by day and  – ahem – wifing by night.  

Additionally, volunteer back rubs, ask him if he lost weight, laugh at his jokes and exclaim, “you’re so smart!” at least once.

Epic Gift Getting Tip #2: Recruit Support | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Getting Tip #2: Recruit Support | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Tip #2: Recruit Support

Toddlers are awesome at telling people things you told them not to repeat. Work this in your favor.

First, emphatically make your toddler promise not to tell Daddy about that time in Target when the check out boy told Mommy that she was the prettiest Mommy he’d ever seen.

Now wait one week and show toddler a picture of your gift.  Say “Isn’t that pretty for Mommy?” Make toddler promise not to show the picture to Daddy or tell Daddy how much Mommy wants the gift for Christmas. When toddler asks why, tell toddler you are sad because the gift is so expensive.

Try to fake cry a little.

Epic Gift Getting Tip #3: Be Very, Very Specific | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Getting Tip #3: Be Very, Very Specific | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Tip #3: Be Very, Very Specific

Now that we've laid the groundwork it's time to clarify exactly what we want for our Christmas gift. Print out a picture and information about your gift and tape it to the refrigerator. Circle the gift in red. Specify size, color, retailer and shipping deadline.

No need to be clear on price. 

If you have a husband who insists on selecting his own gifts, present him with three options. Include the gift you actually want and two lovely but more expensive ideas. 

Epic Gift Getting Tip #4: Have A Back Up Plan | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Getting Tip #4: Have A Back Up Plan | MappCraft.com

Epic Gift Tip #4: Have A Back Up Plan

Let’s pretend it’s December 25. You put in the wife work, planted hints and provided impeccable purchase instructions. Surprise! Daddy bought Mommy a reindeer sweater and wind chimes.

Girl! Promise me you’ll buy that beautiful gift for your damn self. You have my permission. You earned it and your capsule wardrobe will thank you.

Arm Candy Canes

Whatever you do, don't tell Matt I want these gifts. They are just too much.

I hope you've enjoyed this satirical gift getting guide. I would never actually be so brazen in my attempts to land a gift. Or would I? Only Santa knows for sure. 

You know what would make a great gift for less than $10? (Hint: It's an e-book I wrote.)

2016 Tiny Closet Holiday Survival Guide

Take the Guess Work Out of Getting Dressed

  • Eliminate the "I Have Nothing To Wear!" dilemma
  • Look amazing in holiday photos
  • Save money and curb impulse clothing shopping
  • Feel confident, stylish and put together every day of the holiday season

Here's What You Get

  • How to create a micro capsule for the holiday season - using garments you already own 
  • 36 piece Holiday Capsule Wardrobe (including accessories!)
  • Holiday Capsule visual guide
  • Holiday Capsule checklists
  • Buying Guide with links for every budget
  • 4 Festive Outfit Formulas 
  • 65+ Festive outfit ideas  -- Thanksgiving to NYE
  • 12 YouTube tutorials
  • A timeless holiday capsule you can rely on for years to come





Tiny Gift Guide: 25 Gifts Under $25

MappCraft Tiny Gift Guide

Small Gesture, Big Impact

Just like a capsule wardrobe simplifies your closet, a well executed gift gifting strategy will streamline your December to-do list. But I am not talking about planning the big ticket gifts for kids and family -- I've compiled this tiny gift guide specifically for the little people in your life that make a huge difference to your days.

What better time than Cyber Week to tackle this chore early and at a deep, deep discount? Imagine how less stressful the onset of December will feel with these special people crossed off your list? Better yet, all are available on Amazon Prime - you can have them in hand by Friday! 

Hostess with the Mostess

I love Nest holiday candles - they smell exactly like Christmas. Seriously! I have both holiday flavors and my 5 year old asks me to light them every morning. Your favorite party hostess will thank you for years to come.

The Office

You love your cube mate but her desk is a wreck. A gentle nudge in the form of cute accessories will have her feeling productive #AF come January 1. 

Sitting Pretty

Get your babysitter off her phone with beauty treats to play with after the kids go to bed. 

Going Postal

It's cold out and lonely out there delivering holiday cards in the snow! Show your appreciation with something to warm his ears, hands or smart phone. 

World's Best Teacher

Chances are your kids have at least one teacher under 30 who also happens to be your favorite. Show her some fashion forward, colorful love with gifts that recognize she has a life outside of elementary school. 

Capsule Wardrobe Wonderful

If you are reading this blog you are a capsule lover or know someone who could benefit from the practice. Help get her started with some of my personal closet org faves and hell, throw in a copy of the Tiny Closet Holiday Survival Guide while you're at it. 

Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll! Hope your week is awesome, filled with family fun and good food, plenty of wine and NO POLITICS!



PS: Join the Tiny Closet Holiday Survival Guide Facebook group! Even if you haven't purchased the guide, you'll be inspired by holiday fashion chat and plenty of #OOTDs

PSS: This gift guide contains affiliate links, but I selected each gift suggestion personally and with lots of love. If you buy anything from the list MappCraft.com will earn a few pennies. Think of it as a little gift for your favorite blogger!

Cool Dad Gift Duos - No Ties Included!

The Dad Dilemma 

If the dad on your list is anything like my husband - good luck with that. I am talking about Father's Day gift giving, of course. Is it me or are dudes just THE WORST at gift leads? 

I have high expectations (and give very clear direction)  when it comes to gift getting but I admit, when it comes to my husband, I kinda suck at gift giving. It's not for lack of trying. I ask and ask and ask and - nothing. Until we had a breakthrough last week when he barked "BELT! Just get me a belt!"

And really, it's not a bad idea. The belt is the ultimate dude accessory. No matter his style or vocation, whether he pickles beets or litigates for a living, all dads wear belts. Throw in a little something extra to complement his personal style and voila! Father's Day gift giving sorted. 

Behold the ultimate Father's Day gift guide perfect for any dad, no matter his groove.

The Good Ole Dad

Does the dad in your life wear his sunglasses on a lanyard around his neck? Does he sport Sperry Top Siders and no socks? Travel miles in any direction to cheer on an ACC football team? Golf? Prefer to drink a cold can beer wrapped in a commemorative koozie? Think embroidered critter belt and a gingham button down. The brighter the better. 

Mr. Pretty

Admit it -- your children's father dresses better than you do. He maintains a Pinterest board dedicated to London Men's Fashion Week. He knows who Tom Ford is - and bought you a coffee table book illustrating how his vision transformed Gucci. He has a "guy" at Saks and wouldn't think of purchasing a suit coat off the rack. Pair his status belt buckle with a prestige 30+ SPF face cream. He has a look -- and a face -- to maintain. 

Classic Man

Reliable and regulated, you know exactly what to expect out of this dad. He secured a 529 College Savings plan the day you started trying to conceive and you've never stayed up at night worrying if the interest rate on your 30 year fixed is competitive. Celebrate his conservative style with a high quality, classical leather belt and encourage a tiny boundary breakthrough with a pair of cheerful striped dress socks.

Skateboard P

This guy shreds the dad mold like it's his job. And it very well may be his only job. He was stoked to memorialize the birthdates of each of your children in ink on his forearms. While you finished the nursery, he installed a backyard Ramptech mini box for his mini grom. A gnarly belt and throwback street kicks give a nod to his young heart and adventurous spirit. 


Good luck gift giving and send my love to the dads in your life!

xoxo Jenn

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