Why You Need Purple. Now. S16 Outfit #6:

I was going to title this post "How to Dress Like May When It Feels Like March" because if you live on the East Coast you know that it's mid May and it feels like effing March. 

Rainy pattern in eastern US to persist until early June. Many people looking for an extended period of rain-free weather in the eastern United States will have to wait a few more weeks.
— Accuweather aka D. Downer

So why do you need to wear purple like, now? Well, how does this weather make you feel? Gloomy? Gray? Uninspired? Lethargic? OK. How does this purse make you feel?  

How does this purse make you feel?

How does this purse make you feel?

Exactly! Purple is a powerful color. Purple relates to the imagination and the need to escape the practicality of everyday life. Purple indicates creativity, inspiration and connection to the divine. Purple vibrates selfless and unconditional love. Purple is the color of artists, storytellers and magicians.

Don’t be fooled - purple transcends woo woo and dreamland. Purple fosters mental stability, harmonizes emotions and promotes peace of mind. Purple is the symbol of royalty, wealth, nobility and respect. Purple is the independent, the confident, the ambitious. Purple is a bad ass.



Surprisingly, my research revealed that purple isn’t for everyone. To those with a slumping temperament, purple is too dominant, too brazen, too ostentatious of a color. Some even find it depressing.

Yikes. Those people must really hate this weather.

For me though, purple is energizing. It wakes me up and reminds me that the sun will return and that there is inspiration even in rain. If purple isn’t your power color, put on a color that resonates with you. Because according to Accu-gloom, we’re all in this together until June. 

xoxo Jenn

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How To Stand Out in Black: S16 Outfit #4

Stop me if you've heard this one.

On Saturday afternoon I returned home after a long morning herding toddlers. I pulled open my shirt drawer to change into something comfortable and quickly sensed something was amiss amongst the cotton. 

My eyes expected flat textile but were met instead by a ripple of detail and depth. Suddenly, as if I was staring at an optical illusion poster in a long remodeled dentist's office, I realized what I was seeing. Languishing between a short stack of black t-shirts was a tightly coiled black snake.

Digest that while I address the thesis statement of this blog post.

How do you stand out in black? Texture! Details! Depth! Had my eyes not paused on the luxurious tactile quality of his grooved skin, I would have reached into my shirt drawer and grabbed an handful of cold blooded reptile.

Anyone who has ever been to NYC knows that black is eternally chic. Black matches everything, makes you look skinny and looks expensive. Black's versatility makes it a critical staple of any minimalist wardrobe. All I am suggesting is that you make like the snake and amp up your detail game. 

Unexpected Accesssssories

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